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The most important methods are, of course, information and education, but propaganda is also important.


Thinking of the violence right wing extremists have shown, unfortunately, violence is also an important part of the struggle. It has history shown if nothing else.


In every part of society information must be available about the threat from right wing extremism (racism, Nazism, national socialism, etc…).


The school systems have to be better in all ways, that is nothing new, but children have to learn that all kind of right wing extremism is wrong and why it is wrong, from the first day of school until the last.


Everywhere in society today you see advertisement. In display windows, on poles, on the Internet, on the TV and you hear it on the radio. It is desirable that the propaganda AGAINST right wing extremism is equally spread in society.


I absolutely do not recommend violence as a solution, but because right wing extremists have shown aggressive violence throughout the years, example murder, all people have to be prepared to defend themselves. Self-defence is in my opinion not a right, but an obligation, self-defence save lives. If you turn the other cheek, you risk having your head blown of and that will never solve anything.

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